The decision to buy a property is a serious step. But, when buying real estate outside the home country using, buyers are usually guided by two main goals: to improve living conditions and (or) work, or to invest, thereby preserving and increasing the available money through the acquisition of an office, home or another real estate. The most popular countries that Fodyo customers like are the USA, Spain, Great Britain, and others.

Many people with various social status and income levels seek to buy property abroad of a residential or commercial type. Recent research of such purchases on the site has revealed several reasons that contribute to the decision of buyers.

Property abroad: reasons for the acquisition

There are several main aspects in which people want to buy property abroad. Recent studies provide such reasons:

Protection of savings. In the conditions of constant economic and political instability, the decision to invest in real estate abroad seems to be much more profitable and reliable. In addition, housing in resort areas or an office in a good area like can always be rented out.

Registration of citizenship. Many buyers plan to obtain citizenship in the future, or at least a residence permit in the country where they purchase a home or office. And in many countries of modern Europe, having your own real estate greatly simplifies complex procedures, allowing you to get the necessary documentation faster and cheaper.

Recreation. A popular and simple reason to buy an apartment or house abroad in the resort area is to purchase a place where you can stay during your vacation. Usually, those who like to leave the country on holiday prefer to buy property abroad for this purpose. If conditions permit, such property can also be rented out while the owner is away.

Job. Many people want to invest in real estate abroad exclusively for commercial purposes. With a proper study of the market of the country of interest, doing business can be successful. In addition, the enterprise does not always require a permanent presence of the owner in the country – a person may live at home, leaving a substitute, and control affairs at a distance.

What to pay attention to

To purchase real estate abroad, it is necessary to study in detail the standard of living of the population, the consumer market (in the case when it comes to buying commercial objects). Without this knowledge, purchased property abroad may be far from the client’s idea.

One of the most important nuances when buying real estate is the choice of a reliable company that can help to invest in real estate abroad. Fodyo is ready to contribute to this: in the market without guarantees, we guarantee the quality, so the client can be absolutely sure that he will receive exactly the object that he likes at an affordable price. We are not limited in geography and have real estate in different countries and at different price categories in our huge database.

We strive for transparency in our actions and consider it our task to maximally secure the process of buying real estate abroad by our customers and, at the same time, provide a full range of services when purchasing this or that object.

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