Putting a property on the market is a crucial time when attempting to sell a property and move on. Working with an experienced estate agent will help in putting together a package that is enticing and gets as many potential buyers as possible viewing the listing. There are different ways to go about this, but one of the best ways is to ensure that the property photographs used are of the highest quality. You might just think that all you need to do is get some snaps of the outside of the house and every single room, no big deal, no artistry to it, just a quick photo and away you go. But there is a lot more to it than this, which is why estate agent marketing and professional photography has become an integral part of the property sale process.

You might also think that it is easy enough to just use Photoshop or some other app to help make some basic photos that you’ve taken on your phone look a little bit better than they are. Instead, the best approach to maximise results and to garner enough interest in a property, is to have the best property photographs taken as possible to begin with. A professional property photographer with experience of helping estate agents market property will understand the key components of a good photograph, and how to paint the property in the best possible light.

Speaking of which, when is the best time of day to take the best property photographs? When will you get the best light on a property?

The time of day that the photos are taken at a property that is being put on the market for sale is an important decision to make. The first thing to look at is the aspect of the property. This will give you the best chance to choose the perfect time to make the most of the light around the property for an exterior shot.

The morning is the best time of day to take photographs of an east-facing property. Afternoon is perfect for west-facing buildings, whilst you have different windows for north and south-facing properties (late morning to early afternoon for north and first thing in the morning or late in the day for south-facing buildings). You always want to catch the sun behind you as you take the photograph, allowing for the best level of bright colour and ward off the problems of shadows coming from the building towards the camera.

For dark houses you have to consider when is best to shoot the interior of the property. This could mean bringing extra light into the home or staging a property with certain types of furniture and décor (if it is an empty property). For dark interiors, shoot as early in the morning as possible so that the artificial light is as balanced with the natural light as possible.

It might even be advantageous to have sets of photographs that show the property during both the day and night, almost like a property before and after picture, where you can see both sides and what you can expect at all times of the day and night should you live at that property. Working with professional estate agent marketers with the experience of taking property photographs that highlight the attraction of any given property, will help place the property listing in the best possible place to attract the right type of buyers and maximise the potential sale value of the property.

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