It takes years for a sapling to grow into a mature tree, and many large trees have special meaning for people. If you are planning to move and have large trees on your property, which are valuable to you, you can consider transplanting them to your new home. Trees are critical for the environment, and it makes no sense to simply cut down a big tree, when it can be safely removed and relocated. People often also transplant trees that are inappropriately planted, or to just to enhance their landscaping design. There are companies like Environmental Design Inc that help you transplant and relocate large trees, and in this post, we are sharing a few details that may come handy for you, as the client.

Select a reliable service

The whole process of relocating a large tree is a complicated one, which requires expertise. Transplantation is typically done in fall or early spring, but it depends on the needs of the client. When you look for companies, ask them about the range of services they offer and discuss the procedure of removing and transplanting a large tree. The company has to be licensed, known, and if needed, they should be able to offer references too. Some companies offer tree relocation services in different parts of the world, so you can definitely rely on them for the work they do.

How does it work?

Once you have agreed to the estimated price for the job, the experts will prune the roots, following which the next set of steps are initiated. Some companies can even protect and preserve the tree, in case your current property is not ready yet. The process needs specialized equipment, trained professionals, and expertise, and of course, don’t expect this to be a quick, one-day job.

Other things to know

Tree transplantation is not just for your personal reasons, but also for the environment. Make sure that you always remove and relocate trees, where possible. In fact, this is exactly what many agencies and government bodies do, when they have to make way for a road, home or other things. Tree removal services are different than that of tree transplantation, so keep that in mind, and if before you hire a service, do get a quote. While relocating a tree can be an expensive task, it is definitely worth the money spent. Check online to find reliable services near you.

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