Located in Connecticut, Newtown has become a top attraction for homebuyers. The town is one of the best places to live in this part of the country, with attractive benefits such as a vibrant real estate market, scenic landscapes, and plenty of outdoor activities. If you are considering relocating to Newtown but are still deciding, here are some of the top reasons why moving to this town is a great idea.

Top-Rated Schools

Newtown is served by the Council Rock School District, which is reputable for high test scores and spends more per student than most districts in Connecticut. The schools have an excellent reputation and annually achieve top academic achievements, with almost all high school students graduating. Additionally, Newtown has excellent higher education institutions, including Philly’s La Salle University and The Bucks County Community.


New Town provides convenient connectivity to other neighbourhoods of the city. The locality features an efficient transport system connected with state highways and arterial roads. There is easy availability of public transport operated by government and private operators. You can also access other options like taxis and cabs to enhance the ease of commuting. If you love traveling out of the city frequently, Newtown is conveniently close to Netaji International Airport. There is also a proposed new airport in New Garia.

A Variety of Residential Apartments

Newtown has a variety of real estate investment options for middle-class as well as advantaged home buyers. Here, you can find ready-to-move homes and under-construction residential properties with apartments in various prices and sizes. Affordable luxury homes have become popular in New Town. There are row houses, duplexes, villas and high-rise residential apartments for home buyers to select from according to their preferences and needs. New Town residential apartments are realistically priced for middle-class families seeking budget-friendly homes.

A Vibrant Dining Scene

If you enjoy ethnic food, you will find several low-priced eateries in Newtown. For Italian cuisine, head to La Stalla or Vecchia Osteria, a local restaurant with vegan options. The Oishi Japanese, Thai & Korean restaurant blends the best of the three cuisines with mouthwatering sushi. If you are craving a pizza or sandwich, visit Marco’s Pizzeria. You can also take your families to the Guru’s Indian Cuisine for the best Indian dishes.

Plenty of Entertainment

There are many amusement parks for families to enjoy. You can also go to the Newtown Theater, which hosts regular events such as music and classic movies, or head to The Hicks Art Center Gallery for stunning exhibitions. Other entertainment spots to spend the weekend and chill out include multiplex halls, supermarkets, fancy restaurants, historical and cultural hotspots and spas. The town has become popular among millennials as it fulfills their lifestyle needs.

Searching for A Home in Newtown, CT? Talk to Connie Widmann, Team

Ultimately, buying a home in Newtown, CT, is one of the best decisions with everything that the town offers. If you are ready to make a move, Connie Widmann’s Team of experienced real estate agents are ready to help you find the best Newtown CT homes for sale. The team understands the ins and outs of the Newtown real estate market and will help you find the perfect home at the right price. Get in touch today for more information.

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