If you want to put your property up for sale, there are a few things that you can do to make sure it is seen in as positive a light as possible when it comes time for prospective buyers to view it. Getting on board a professional estate agents, and utilising the skills and experience of estate agent marketing services, there is a much better chance to maximise the value of the sale, getting greater numbers of potential buyers through the doors to view and to push the sale price higher in the process. Showcasing a property takes skill, putting in place the right sight lines, making sure the lighting is just right, as well as drawing up accurate floor plans, CGI renders and having a range of professional photographs of the property that help with the sale listing in the first place.

Whether you are looking to put the place in order to take photographs for the online listing of the property or to generate a virtual tour, there are a few different things that can be done to help the property shine and to paint it in the most positive and accurate light for potential buyers to see it online and in person when a viewing takes place physically. Finding the best angles, the best lighting and the best configuration of furniture and accessories takes a certain level of skill and this is where it really pays off to hire a professional team to help with the marketing for an estate agent selling a property.

We’ve all seen those articles of terrible property listings where the photos that have been used to showcase a property – with unmade beds, mouldy bathrooms and mess everywhere. It is unbelievable that any estate agent would post photos like this, but it happens.

With the right types of property showcasing though, you can dramatically increase the appeal and see a rise in numbers of prospective buyers. The first thing to do as a homeowner is to go around the property and fix up any tiny details that might show on photos, virtual tours and physical viewings, such as cracked plaster, chipped paint on the walls, broken tiles on the wall, mouldy grout etc. Aside from that, if you can, neutralise the colours throughout the property, removing any truly bold colours that might put some people off. A neutral, warm and welcoming theme and colour throughout gives the impression of a blank canvas that a new owner can do whatever they wish with a property. Make sure the bedrooms and any other linen and furniture is clean and smooth, and that all clutter and excess piles of books, photos and other items are cleared away whenever photos are being taken or viewings taking place.

Once you have got on board a professional estate agent marketing company, your estate agency will have a brand-new lease of life, driving standards ever higher and maximising the listings of property for sale through your company. Your clients will be much happier as you are providing them with a much better chance of both selling the property in the first place and potentially gaining a higher sale price, and the potential buyers are seeing the property in an accurate and positive light, making it much easier to visualise what it will look like once they own it. There are many different tips on how to showcase a property effectively with a view to selling it and these are a great start whether you are an individual trying to sell a home or an estate agent looking at new ways to help your clients.

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