As the provincial capital of Chonburi province, Pattaya City is world famous for good reason. Pattaya is perfectly positioned on the East coast of Thailand, half-way between the bustling capital of Bangkok, and the tranquil archipelago of the tropical islands of Koh Chang.

Although Pattaya has somewhat of a raucous reputation for being the ultimate sin-city, once you delve further behind the tourist trap, and begin to explore the surrounding area, you will see there really is something for everyone. The surrounding villages, beach towns and even the suburbs of Pattaya itself are a great place to live, purchase property or start a house project in Chonburi (called โครงการบ้านชลบุรี in Thai) province.

In addition, there are some awesome tropical paradise islands in an around Chonburi province to visit, live or buy property on.

Tropical Islands Close to Pattaya

If you are staying in Pattaya itself, then the closest tropical island by far is the beautiful and picturesque Koh Larn. You can get here easily by ferry or speedboat from Pattaya’s main pier. Prices are around 1500b to hire a speedboat for 1-5 people, then about 3500 for a bigger group. If you are travelling alone and want to jump on a speedboat with a bunch of other people, you are looking at about 300THB each way. Prices can vary slightly, but most ticket touts are within 10-20% of each other.

  • Koh Larn has kept its traditional Thai-style heritage, while still offering bars and restaurants to attract tourists. The main beach is covered in beach deckchairs and umbrellas, a perfect setup for hardcore all-day beach goers. The beach is cool, but you should definitely hire a scooter and get inland to explore the interior of the island. There are some beautiful sights worth exploring, such as temples, coffee shops and plenty of out-of-this-world Thai restaurants.
  • Koh Si Chang is a rather unknown yet beautiful island that is about 45 minutes’ drive north of Pattaya. The island is the closest island to Bangkok, yet is relatively unknow compared to Koh Larn or Koh Chang, which are also close to Pattaya. Koh Si Chang has a beautiful beach that at the right time of year attracts some of the most impressive luminous plankton in the whole of Thailand.
  • Koh Chang is another paradise island worth visiting during your time in Chonburi. Although not in Chonburi province, the miles of mountain roads and the pristine white sand beaches are a must see for anyone visiting Thailand.

Chonburi is a great location in Thailand to live and offers everything a family could want.

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