When choosing a style of window for a new property or property renovation project, a sash window often comes up in conversation, and with good reason. It is a stylish and functional type of window that helps you to create a certain style and aesthetic to a property. You do have to be careful when choosing sash windows, as although there are many benefits there is a need to ensure that the function is well thought-through, and that the sash window style is matched with the rest of the property. Without a coherent décor that runs through the entire property, sash windows can look out of place amongst other more modern styles, architecture, and furniture.

When sash windows are done well however, it can look spectacular in any home.

A sash window does exude elegance. If you are in the process of converting an old, run-down property, or looking to upgrade the windows in a new property, sash windows can certainly bring you that  curb appeal and grace that might be missing from more modern styles of windows that you have to choose from.

What is a sash window and how does it work?

The sash window came to prominence in British architecture from the 17th to the 19th centuries, and you often find sash windows in restorations of Georgian and Victorian properties, but a new home can be inspired by these periods and bring together different style elements that include a sash window.

The word ‘sash’ is the single frame for glazing, with the sash sitting inside the frame. Within casement windows, the sash opens using a crank handle, whilst in a traditional double-hung window, the two sashes can slide up and down with ease.

Are there different styles of sash window?

There are different periods of sash window that you can choose from, and this is where it is important to speak with specialist sash window providers. They can take a look at the style of your current property, your budget and the designs you have for the décor and the internal features of the home. All of this is then put together to come up with the style of sash window that fits your home perfectly. Sashes are usually made up of several small panes of glass, held together by glazing bars that create the overall larger area of glazing.

A sash window can make a massive difference to the look and feel of a property. They are a feature in their own right, and a subtle nod to the heritage of your home, whilst not looking out of place with modern interiors. Suppliers of sash windows will provide you with the best advice, helping you to find the windows that suit your needs, your home and budget, fitting in perfectly with the décor and aesthetic that you wish to create and helping to bring harmony and calm to a space where you recharge and spend time with your loved ones. Once you find a supplier of sash windows that you trust, this will go a long way to helping you add the finishing touches to your dream home, in the form of sash windows.

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