Bed bugs are small and oval insects that are dependent on the blood of animals or humans. You can see them mostly at night. If you wish to know more, then learn more here about them. 

Once a person is bitten by any bug it might lead to many health issues including skin rashes, psychological effects, and other allergic symptoms. It might also lead to small areas of redness to prominent blisters. 

Identify infected areas

Bed bugs reproduce themselves at a fast rate. Thus, if you find even one of these tiny parasites, adopt measures to eliminate them. The first step to eliminating them is finding them. You must look for the bugs in the following areas:

  • Looking at the seams in a mattress.
  • In between the bed and the bread rest of the bed.
  • In the carpets of your bedroom.
  • Look closely at the furniture. Like couches, chairs, tables, etc. 
  • Between the cushions of your sofa and along the seams of the cushions. 

These are the few places where there is a higher chance of finding bed bugs.

Contain the bug 

Once you have found the bug it’s time to shoot them at the first sight so that it doesn’t spread. The fastest way to eliminate bed bugs is to suck them with the help of a vacuum. When you are finished sucking all the bugs in your vacuum throw the contents away or burn them. After throwing all the bugs make sure to sanitize and spray disinfectants in the respective areas from where you have found the bugs. If it is a washable thing then make sure to wash it and let it dry under the sun. 

Kill the bedbugs

Bed bugs are intolerant to extreme temperatures. So you can take the washable contents of your bed or the infected area and boil it for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of drying in the dryer at the highest heat setting possible. You can also use a steamer on the mattresses, couches, and other places where the bugs can hide.

As said earlier, extreme temperature means they are also intolerant to freezing temperatures. You may also freeze the infected contents. Temperature, whether it’s hot or cold is the biggest enemy of bugs. 

Hopefully, these are the DIYs that will terminate the bed bugs from your house. But in case the infestation is extreme, contact a professional pest control service. So have a good night and don’t let the bedbugs bite. 

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