Insects are cold-blooded animals, meaning they cannot regulate their body temperature in rough conditions. Therefore, they depend on their surroundings for their growth, development, and behavior. The changing patterns in the weather also call for changing behavior patterns of insects. It is important to learn about these to keep your home pest-free. 

The key to keeping your home free from insects throughout the year is to hire a professional pest control company. They are aware of insects’ behavior, whether it be a hot or cold month. Click on this link to learn more about your options. 

Effects of the cold weather on the insects

There are millions of types of pests in this world, and each one behaves differently during winter. Some hibernate, while some suffer from death. Most insects perish during the cold weather, but they complete one mission before dying: reproduction. Insects lay eggs and provide the larvae with enough food to survive the cold. 

When winters are over and the hot days arrive, these insects enter the environment and invade your home. 

On the other hand, butterflies migrate to warmer places to protect themselves from dying. Once they reach the warmer places, they reproduce and send their offspring back to continue the cycle. 

Therefore, if you think all insects die during the cold months and your house is safe, think again. 

Effects of the hot weather on the insects 

You may experience an excessive number of bugs in or around your house as soon as the summer arrives. This is because insect reproductivity typically increases during the hot months. The metabolic rates of insects increase with the temperature, so they need to eat more to survive. Therefore, these bugs invade your homes in search of food and water. 

When the weather gets extremely dry, bugs may enter your home for hydration. This is why it is important to get rid of water in or around your house. Insects that thrive in dry weather include grasshoppers and spider mites. 

Effects of rainy weather on the insects 

Most insects live and thrive in rainy weather because it brings moisture. You may have noticed bugs appearing out of nowhere whenever there is a leak from pipes and toilets. Things can get even worse if the rain meets the wood in your house, and the wood traps moisture inside. Bugs like carpenter ants and termites thrive in moisture. 

Most people live with the misconception that bugs do not attack homes in the winter season, but they are wrong. Different insects thrive in different weathers, and pest control is required all year round. Contact a professional company today. 

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