Earthmoving machines are very important in the construction industry. Nowadays you don’t need to buy them but you can hire and still achieve your goal in your construction site. In site van Adrighem we are here for you. We rent different earth-moving machines like wheel loaders and rollers. Van Adrighem Group has become an international player in renting earthmoving machines from home buildings to large commercial projects.

Wheel loader

A wheel loader is a powerful machine that is available on construction sites and excavation jobs. It has two advantages which make most of the architects prefer to have it in the construction. The wheel loader can scoop materials in a truck and also can transport them around the construction site. They are also used in agriculture and landscaping projects like road construction and clean-up after the project is completed. We have different types of wheel loaders: small wheel loaders, compact wheel loaders, medium wheel loaders, and large wheel loaders.

Small wheel loaders

Small wheel loaders are designed to operate flexibly and have been able to maneuver in limited spaces. So been small doesn’t minimize to work like large wheel loaders. Just like large wheel loaders, it offers powerful lifting capacity for any work on the site.

Compact wheel loaders

Compact wheel loaders especially the modern ones have technology that complies with the modern construction practices as well as the quality requirements. Most of their parts can be recycled and have a low emission engine.

Medium wheel loaders

It has been designed to handle multiple jobs on the site such as material handling, truck loading, and transportation of materials within the worksite. the difference between small and compact wheel loaders is the increased loading capacity which makes it popular for lading materials in bulk.

Large wheel loaders

Large wheel loaders are more powerful and designed to work in wide industrial zones. It can work in the toughest terrains making it more cost-efficient. Its power enables it to transport a bulk amount of materials in bigger buckets very efficiently.


In some of the construction businesses rollers are required for soil compactions where applicable. Here in Van Adrighem, we have rollers that are in good condition and ready for work anytime. You don’t need any other cost like transport to your construction site. There are different types of rollers used in construction sites: cylindrical rollers, sheepsfoot rollers, pneumatic tyred rollers, smooth wheeled rollers, vibratory rollers, and grid rollers.

Cylindrical rollers

These are the traditional rollers that are relatively lightweight and are pushed by the operator. Cylindrical rollers are used for small and private construction projects.

Sheepsfoot roller

It is also known as Padfoot or tamping rollers. It consists of a drum with many round or rectangular-shaped lugs. Drum weight can be increased by ballasting with water, mounting steel, or damp sand ensuring a more efficient job.

Vibratory rollers

Vibratory rollers are fitted with one or two smooth-surfaced drums. The drum vibration is generated by the rotation of the eccentric shaft inside it. Vibratory rollers are mostly used for compacting asphalt, concrete, crushed rock, and gravel.

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