Your home is your biggest investment, and it’s important to be sure you’ve made the right choice. Every year, termite infestations, mold and wood rotcause massive damage to Virginia homes causing homeowners to spend thousands of dollars in repairs.  (Not a good sentence) If you are buying a home in Suffolk, you need to call the termite moisture inspectors for a comprehensive report.

 The Basics of a Termite Moisture Inspection

Real estate transactions in Virginia require a termite & moisture inspection report. The buying agent typically sets up a termite moisture inspection for their client. However, sellers often perform this as part of their home sale preparation, as well. It is probably in the buyer’s best interest to order the inspection as the seller is prone to using a company they have a long-standing relationship with and reports can tend to be skewed more so in their favor. Regardless, one or the other entity is required to order this service as part of the real estate transaction.

The termite moisture inspector will provide a completed Wood Destroying Insect Form NPMA-33, the standard form required by Virginia law.

Are Termite Moisture Inspections Complicated?

Not at all! These are fairly fast and inexpensive inspections that can be done in less than an a couple of hours depending on the property size. Most termite moisture inspections cost no more than $100.00 and are half that, on average.

In most cases, inspectors will rely on moisture meters to guage the extent of moisture or water leak damage to include in the report.

It should be noted that the pest control company doing the inspection typically looks to take care of any termite or related pest control issue that may be found. However, most pest control companies do not perform mold remediation or wood rot repair services. The WDI report pest control companies submit by them merely identifies there is a moisture problem and a contractor that specializes in mold and/or moisture problems should be consulted from there.

What Happens If a Termite or Moisture Problem is Found?

The reason termite moisture inspections are a law as it is typically one of the most expensive repairs that can happen to a homeowner.  Of course, without the law, it stands to reason that a property owner aware of the problem would hope for a buyer ignorant to looking for it prior to a sale.

Because the law requires a WDI Form NPMA-33, the seller is put in the position of having to perform the necessary repairs to get the price they want, reduce the price to compensate for the repairs or the buyer simply walks away from the deal.

Regardless, this law is an extreme benefit to a common, but expensive problem with homes throughout Virginia. Be sure to use a termite moisture pest control company with experience and a good reputation for performing a thorough inspection.

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