Advancements in technology have enabled us to capture some of the most beautiful moments in real-time, and truth be told we more than want to have these images on our phones immortalized. Photography is an easy and fast option but the one great disadvantage is that photos don’t last too long; we could also save the images on the flash drives to review later. But there are two risks here, one is that the flash and hard disks could be corrupted by viruses or get lost.

So the only viable option remaining is to use Canvas and just like photographs you could have your images printed on canvas and framed, and given its durability canvas prints don’t necessarily need the heavy glass top or bulky frames.

Personalised canvas prints tend to be authentic images of persons, families or someone’s pet, so you will rarely find a replica and that is the reason why they easily become undisputed heirlooms. It goes without saying that our parents are very dear to our hearts same as our siblings, they are our sources of comfort and happiness, and that is why you will find people printing huge personalized canvas photos of their family members and have them bestowed on their living room walls.

Now the advantage here is that with personalized canvas, there is no limit to how big it can get, because technology has presented us with specialized machines to effectively reproduce the huge canvas prints. We, therefore, have the liberty to pick whichever size and design that we want designed to fit different house layouts and walls.

Canvas prints are also an option for the expensive professional paints used in interior decoration. Instead of spending loads of cash purchasing paints that you can barely interpret their meaning, how about you get a personalized canvas with several images of your family members on vacation, honeymoon or on a birthday all consolidated onto one huge canvas print and have it laid out on the wall. This is a better alternative to the flower paints because they do carry some meaning.

Personalized canvas are also versatile, they don’t go out of style or become outdated. They can also be passed on from generation to generation and can be adopted to different types of home settings and layout; their design complements most types of décor and when put up on a wall they automatically blend in. Besides, no matter how many times you change houses, canvas prints will fit both in a traditional or modern setting.

Personalized canvas prints also add to the cosmetic appearance of most homes, this is so because of their satin matte finish which tends to project a beautiful appearance in rooms that receive a good dose of natural lighting during the day and bright artificial lights in the evening or at night.

Canvas material is very durable, and so are the images printed on them, but be sure to also provide conditions that will enhance its durability, avoid intentional exposure of the canvas prints to humid conditions, and keep them off direct sunlight. Also, dust the canvas prints regularly to get rid of the dust that consistently builds on its surface.

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