Whether you are moving to Bangkok for work or you just need to change locations in the city, there are many neighbourhoods that are worth looking into. But before you buy a new luxury condo in Bangkok it’s important to know the area that you are moving to. Things like transportation, markets, and schools are just a few things that you will want to consider before you purchase any kind of property. Considering all the options out there will help you feel more at home in your new Bangkok condominium.


Getting around Bangkok comes with its own set of challenges. Buying a condo near a major BTS station is a plus for many home buyers. Imagine walking out of your front door at The Estelle Phrom Phong and be walking distance to the train system. Being near major roads will allow you to catch taxis with ease as well.  Many luxury condominiums also have private parking for all of their tenants as well as reserved super car parking. Condos have private drives for curb side pick-up and drop off so you barely have to step out of the building to get into your ride.

Food and Shopping

When you live in central Bangkok it’s important to live close to where you eat and shop. Being far away from a market or grocery store could add minutes or even hours to your weekly food trips to stock up the refrigerator. Many luxury condos in Bangkok are located near major shopping malls which have western style groceries inside. Your trips to the supermarket will be easy and painless. Some condos even connect to shopping malls so you barely have to step outside.


If you have a family, one of the first things you should look into when buying a condo in Bangkok is the proximity to your kid’s school. They last thing you want is to plan poorly and send your kids to school an hour and a half a way from where you live. If you have a neighbourhood picked out to live in try looking for schools in the area that you think would be good for your child. On the contrary, if you know what school your children are going to but haven’t selected a condo yet, try buying a home near the school to save yourself a lot of headache commuting to and from school.

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