This list of benefits to oceanfront living will help you make informed decisions about your health and safety.

Oceanfront Condo Living

You don’t need to live on the beach for a lifetime. A condo is a better option than a home, and you will pay less.

You can still get on board with multiple buyers if you don’t believe you can afford it. You can either share the condo with others or rent it out to split the income.

People will want to go to the beach whenever possible, unless something drastic happens in our human mindset. Your return on investment is guaranteed and safe.


Many condominium developments offer amenities that aren’t readily accessible to the average homeowner. All amenities, including tennis courts, golf courses, and clubhouses are located on the property.

These amenities are more costly than those built in the middle of the ocean. It’s an excellent opportunity to share the property with other owners, rather than purchasing it all yourself.


Many properties host a variety of social events throughout the year. This fosters community and brings condo owners together.

In larger developments, community building is more difficult. The short-term renters who are looking for a place to call home will move quickly. It can be difficult to get to know others and branch out.


There is nothing better than living at the beach. Condos are an option to beachfront properties that may not be within your budget.

These condos offer the lifestyle that you desire – and at a significant discount. Condos on the same beach can cost as much as a million dollars, while beachfront homes can fetch millions.

You should keep in mind that HOAs can still manage some properties. This could increase your living expenses.


An oceanfront property has the advantage of being in high demand. Many buyers are looking to buy in the hope that the property will appreciate in value. You can also rent it out as income.

Condos appreciate more slowly than homes. It is possible to rent it out for short-term goals.

You can make a year’s worth of rental income by renting out your vacation home. You can then enjoy the property for the remainder of the year, and also earn a decent side income.


Vitamin D is produced by your skin when it has been exposed to the sun for a prolonged period. It is also good for bone health and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamin D can only be found in certain foods. You can get all the sun you need by living on the beach.

Fresh Air

Sea air is charged by healthy negative ions. It improves alertness and helps the body absorb oxygen.

Negative ions also balance serotonin levels. It helps reduce stress and improves mood.

You’ll feel more rested and refreshed after a day at the beach. A great way to boost your health is to live on the beaches.

Increased Immunity

Your immune system will improve if stress levels drop. A healthier lifestyle is possible by reducing your stress levels.

Most allergies will improve over time. Even digestive health is known to improve.

Improved Mental Health

Studies have examined the link between coastal living and health. People who live near the coast have a higher mental health.

The “blue mind” concept is widely discussed. This theory suggests that humans are intrinsically connected with the ocean.

The ocean’s frequencies can be tuned in to by our minds, it is believed. This can dramatically improve cognition and mental health.

Many of the most effective drug rehabilitation centers are found near or on the beach. The water can help patients focus and set their minds on recovery.

This post was written by Dayana Susterman Dotoli. Dayana is the head real estate agent for the Tiffany House In Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Dayana has assisted over 150 individuals with buying, selling, and leasing at Tiffany House. The Tiffany House Residences is a 12 story tower,  offers 129 residences, including 1, 2 and 3-bedroom condominiums and townhomes, with exclusive, resort-style amenities and views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. To view our luxury oceanfront condos for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Contact us today!

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